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We know you love our sourdough, ciabatta and other classics but the newest baker on the team has launched some of the most tempting and delicious ways to tart up your tea party and bring a little French style to your morning coffee. And while we can’t travel right now, we thought we’d also bring a little international flair to your tables. 

Tear off buttery strips from our croissants and combine them with homemade preserves sourced right here in Hermanus. Or team up your favourite brew with a chocolate, almond or chocolate-pecan croissant combination. Who can resist cinnamon? Once a rare gift to ancient kings, when it’s baked into our rolls, it’s a treasure we all can share. And finally, our new Filipinos. They’re sweet, have a Spanish legacy and they’re the kind of treat that makes you shut your eyes, and hum happily to yourself! 

About Our Bakery

Was it perfect timing or what was written in the stars? Perhaps both!

When Daan Gongrijp was looking to invest his savings in a business, he discovered that there was an opportunity right under his nose - a growing demand for freshly baked, top quality bread and pastries available early in the morning. Certainly, the family’s restaurants, Ficks and Dutchies, would be the first customers but the business had the potential to grow and other restaurants, hotels and of course, everyone in Hermanus and surrounds, could share the warm-from-the-oven temptations. 

So, there it was. A big, bold, artisanal bread gap in the market and the chance for Daan to partner with his dad, Just, to open a beautiful little boutique bakery on Dirkie Uys Street. 

With experienced head baker Talent Musatyira and his right-hand man, Panashe Mushore, the doors opened in December 2020. Hot news travels fast and within a month, Daan’s delicious sourdough, potato bread, ciabatta, Dutch speciality Krentebollen, and other pastries turned out to be hot hits. Within weeks, the bakery needed to expand to a larger space and in February, Daan announced that their new line of almond, chocolate and pecan croissants would be getting their own private ‘bakeoir,’ a little temperature-controlled space adjoining the main bakery. 

Breakfast would never be the same again in Hermanus.

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